In addition to providing the easiest way to get to your VPS and dedicated server through our unique features, Infosaic also provides a very robust control panel that allows you to take care of most of your advanced configuration needs. However, we realize that not everyone has the time, experience, and expertise to maintain a cutting-edge website. That’s why, unlike competitors who charge extra for support, we offer help and advice on many topics free of charge.

Application support

Install web applications like WordPress, DoteNetNuke, Joomla, and Drupal.

OS updates

Install the latest updates and patches on your operating system.

Site monitoring

Add specific monitoring to your site(s) or even to a specific page, to ensure maximum uptime.

Website migration

Move the contents of your website from any host/server to Infosaic, and from one service/server to another.

Connection string troubleshooting

Get help resolving connection string errors.

Windows Firewall configuration

Set up/modify firewall settings for your server.

SQL Server Express

Install SQL Server Express on your server.

PHP configuration

Fine-tune your PHP settings so your applications run the way you want them to.

Intrusion prevention

Toughen up your VPS or dedicated server to prevent/stop brute force and DDoS attacks.

Domain name/DNS setup

Add domains or set up DNS on your server’s control panel.

Advanced performance analysis and security audit

Tune your server for optimal performance.