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New Graphic Capabilities for Virtual Desktop Packages

Infosaic is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our Virtual Desktop Product line. Infosaic’s Standard and Advanced Virtual Desktop packages have been significantly enhanced with new Graphic’s capabilities: both packages will use Video Card by default and are assigned dedicated Video RAM (VRAM). Infosaic clients will greatly benefit from this improvement as Graphic cards...
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Premium email

Whether you need to get a single mailbox or provide a robust platform for an entire organization, Infosaic gives you access so Smartertools, one of the leading email platform providers, to support your needs. All of our email solutions— from the Basic Package to a dedicated cloud— come packed with cutting-edge options and features. Please...

Open Source vs Microsoft

In over 15 years of business, Infosaic has witnessed many arguments regarding the most reliable servers for running open source technology. Initially, the servers produced by Microsoft were considered highly unreliable and subject to frequent crashes; supporters of Microsoft’s competitors (including UNIX and long-forgotten companies like Mainframe and Midrange) went so far as to claim…