Infosaic Cloud/VPS hosting advantage

Infosaic’s cloud server is a rock-solid implementation of the popular Hyper-V solution from Microsoft. To take advantage of the great features developed by Microsoft, Infosaic also utilizes premium Dell hardware, which delivers high performance and reliability. In addition, custom configuration, unique features, and great technical expertise assure the best possible solutions for our clients.

Infosaic uses only premium Dell hardware.

Based on our 15+ years of experience in the field, Dell hardware has shown unmatched levels of reliability and performance, at a reasonable price. While each cloud has plenty of redundancy built in, Dell’s superior engineering solutions allow additional performance, ease of service, and overall reliability gains.

Cloud architecture

Infosaic utilizes redundant high-performance architecture, with monitored and evenly spread-out I/O loads that are crucial for effective cloud performance.

Internet connectivity

All of Infosaic’s internet connectivity is done through mashed traffic utilization, in which traffic from different providers is mixed. In case of an outage by one provider, another one automatically steps in to take up the load.

Hyper-V: a superior solution

Microsoft’s model for cloud hosting is by far the best solution available on the market today. It offers far better security than cheaper options, by providing isolation between clients. In addition, Microsoft drivers offer the least amount of I/O loss, estimated by many experts to be less than 10%.