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How can I renew my expired domain name?

Upon expiration date, your domain is put on hold pending renewal payment. Once you make the renewal payment, your domain name is renewed for an additional year from the date the domain expired. Many registrars will retain the domain for up to 45 to 60 days after expiration. Cost to renew after expiration may vary…
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Can I transfer an expired domain name?

Domain names cannot be transferred from one registrar to another if there is an outstanding invoice due for the domain. Once the expiration date passes for domain renewal, there is an outstanding invoice in effect from the current registrar (until at least a one-year renewal is paid), which prevents the domain from being able to…
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How do I connect to SQL Server?

For all versions of SQL Server to include SQL Server Express, you can now use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to connect to SQL. Please point your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to the server URL we provide you at the time of set up. Download a free Express version of Microsoft SQL Server Management…