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New Graphic Capabilities for Virtual Desktop Packages

Infosaic is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our Virtual Desktop Product line. Infosaic’s Standard and Advanced Virtual Desktop packages have been significantly enhanced with new Graphic’s capabilities: both packages will use Video Card by default and are assigned dedicated Video RAM (VRAM). Infosaic clients will greatly benefit from this improvement as Graphic cards...

Windows 2019 Servers Available Now

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft’s new Windows 2019 is now available to deploy on your next virtual server with Infosaic‘ VPS hosting service. Microsoft has dedicated a great amount of resources into developing Windows 2019,and continue their tradition of offering solid and stable server operating systems. Some of the new features of Windows…

Infosaic identifies its long-term strategy

Welcome to the Infosaic Announcement section. This is where you will find all the latest news on Infosaic’s development and technology. The Infosaic team has completed its research and is ready to present a new, long-term development strategy. This strategy is focused on offering cutting edge solutions that utilize the latest, affordable technologies. We do…
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