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A new look for the new phase in our journey

After 15 years of operating a webhosting business, Infosaic is opening a new chapter in its development. We have adopted a new Technological Vision and charted a new course. We do not want to stay satisfied with our great performance or our quality customer service and support; that is not enough. Together with our clients,…

SSL Announcements

Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt. It is a known fact that google favors encrypted sites over non-encrypted ones. In order to help our clients, we are offering the possibility to encrypt your site for free. Just click on the following button in the control panel and let us do the magic. (click here if you wish to...



We are opening new lines of communication

As we get closer to celebrating our 15th anniversary, we want to open a new chapter in our continued development. We want to establish open lines of communication. Many of you may not be aware of the latest technological solutions that we offer our clients – and there is no better way. From now on...
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Basic Hosting Supported Tools * Dreamweaver * Microsoft Web Expressions * Visual Studio * Visual Web Developer * FileZilla * CuteFTP * DNN * Drupal * Joomla * Wordpress * SQL Server Management Studio * WinSCP * Flash * Shockwave Standard Hosting Supported Technologies * ASP.NET * ASP.NET AJAX * Classic APS *CGI Directory *...

Infosaic identifies its long-term strategy

Welcome to the Infosaic Announcement section. This is where you will find all the latest news on Infosaic’s development and technology. The Infosaic team has completed its research and is ready to present a new, long-term development strategy. This strategy is focused on offering cutting edge solutions that utilize the latest, affordable technologies. We do…
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