Pros and Cons of 3 Options to Access Your Virtual Desktop

With our new Virtual Desktop Service, you can use a variety of devices to access your remote desktop using three options provided to you in a signup email. Let`s review the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Web link / Control PanelRDP
Time to accessOne click instantly connectsUsing regular RDP requires an additional step
Access via Windows computersYou only need a modern browser for instant accessYou only need an RDP client that is already installed on all Windows computers, and available for download on Apple and Android devices.
Access via peripheral devicesAccessible across all platformsAvailable on Google Play store and Apple store for free
TrafficFully encryptedFully encrypted
Graphics qualityGraphics and images are not as crisp as RDPVisually, there is no difference between working on local machines and in the cloud (great graphics, crisp images, and text)
File exchangeMove single files via an additional menuFull integration — copy text, images, and files from your local machine and paste it into the cloud PC and vice versa.
PrintingPrinting isn't fully integrated, and printers aren't available from printing menu optionsFully integrated printing - USB printers are available as a printing option when invoking the print menu in the cloud
Sound integrationThere is no sound integrationFully integrated sound and microphone, including support for Skype and Zoom calls

Please feel free to ask our friendly Infosaic staff if you have any other questions.

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