Benefits of Remote Desktops for Business

Infosaic is proud to continue providing a truly cutting-edge solution for today's business and individual computing needs. For the last two years, we have supported thousands of businesses with a fast and reliable way of providing fully functioning, always-online virtual desktops in the cloud that fully substitute for personal Windows computers.

Stay Safe

The remote desktop has become an extremely important tool for businesses in the wake of the global pandemic. Whether one must work in an office, a temporary office, at home, or any other location forced by the current epidemiological situation, virtual desktops always stay with their users, and any device with a browser can connect users to their virtual machines, no matter where one resides.

A remote desktop offers an easy way to set up networks and manage virtual machines such as run patches, updates, diagnostics, etc. remotely, without IT staff visits.

Stay Connected

With the remote desktop server, users can work anywhere in the world and be at home, on the road, or in the office. No special configurations or devices are required. All you need is Internet access and a web browser.


Many companies want to reduce costs, and using remote desktops is a way to do so. With hosted desktops, software updates and security issues are handled by the companies providing the remote desktop server and are included in the subscription price.

This configuration allows employees to work with the same versions of the same applications in real time from anywhere, making data sharing more convenient. For companies whose employees travel frequently, it is now easier to log in from anywhere in the world, update files, send reports, and access company information.

Remote desktops are a valuable tool for businesses. They’re cost effective, increase productivity, and give users a familiar desktop experience, including applications they’re already familiar with.

Please feel free to contact the Infosaic staff with any questions related to your computing needs.