Open Source vs Microsoft v2

In over 15 years of business, Infosaic has witnessed many arguments regarding the most reliable servers for running open source technology. Initially, the servers produced by Microsoft were considered highly unreliable and subject to frequent crashes; supporters of Microsoft’s competitors (including UNIX and long-forgotten companies like Mainframe and Midrange) went so far as to claim that if Windows servers were left running too long they would simply crash on their own.

But time went on and Windows ran successfully, allowing for fast deployment and flexible configurations. As it turns out, like any other technology, Windows servers will run effectively if treated with the proper level of expertise. Competing servers such as UNIX or LINUX must be handled with an equally appropriate level of expertise, or else they too will not be reliable as well. As the early arguments against Windows disappeared, an increasing number of major sites switched to Microsoft products. It is now difficult to find a tech that does not believe that Windows servers are here to stay.

After early concerns about Microsoft’s reliability were resolved, a question remained about the overall security of “open source” technology – because what is more dangerous for security than openly published code? This question has since been highlighted with few vulnerabilities that significantly dampened some of the Linux servers reputation. Meanwhile Microsoft platform has catched up and while there were a few open source modules that did not instantly function in IIS; it was only a matter of time before these modules were adapted, improved, and/or given alternatives through Windows technology.

As a result, Infosaic provides full support for all mainstream open source technologies, including Rewrite Modules, PHP, etc., which are run alongside the technologies developed by Microsoft. We run Cassandra, LINUX OpenBSD in Microsoft’s Hyper-V environment. We also support versions of WordPress which run on both PHP and Why do we do this?

Because we want to give our clients the opportunity to run the best software available without the need to choose between different brands of technology: our clients can run both the PHP and applications on the same package, in the same directory, and trust that it will continue to run efficiently for years. When the next generation of open source technology reaches the hosting world, our clients will not need to think twice – they can simply input the new technology into the Infosaic server with full assurance that it will run smoothly for years to come.