Infosaic launches Virtual Desktop Service

Infosaic is pleased to announce the official launch of a Virtual Desktop Service, also known as the Desktop as a Service (or DaaS) product line. Starting from only $11.95, Infosaic Virtual Desktops offers a great set of features at an unbeatable price!

Access From Any Device With A Modern Browser.

Use a recent version of an HTML5 browser. Remote Desktop Client is fully supported as well.

You will be set up as an administrator on your account. You can add/remove software and customize your environment, just like it is your regular PC.

Infosaic uses Hyper-V technology, which provides full isolation between virtual machines hosted in the cloud.

Instant Setup

As soon as you sign up, your account access will be emailed to you. You will be able to start using your remote desktop right away.

And many more.

Please visit for more information.