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We offer ongoing support for the latest releases of ASP.NET, ASP.Core, Silverlight, and other Microsoft-related technologies. Our support team is always glad to help you implement these technologies! Ongoing support, including the latest updates, assistance with database connectivity, performance optimization, and support for redirects and security for PHP. All packages get MySQL databases included at...
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Infosaic has finished control panel re-design

As some of you have noticed, our control panel went through some major design changes. These changes are not only cosmetic, but also enhance functionality. You can review some of the new features at the end of this post. Meanwhile, we’re already working on additional improvements, some of which will be truly unique and significantly...
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Basic Hosting Supported Tools * Dreamweaver * Microsoft Web Expressions * Visual Studio * Visual Web Developer * FileZilla * CuteFTP * DNN * Drupal * Joomla * Wordpress * SQL Server Management Studio * WinSCP * Flash * Shockwave Standard Hosting Supported Technologies * ASP.NET * ASP.NET AJAX * Classic APS *CGI Directory *...