Infosaic identifies its long-term strategy

Welcome to the Infosaic Announcement section. This is where you will find all the latest news on Infosaic’s development and technology.

The Infosaic team has completed its research and is ready to present a new, long-term development strategy. This strategy is focused on offering cutting edge solutions that utilize the latest, affordable technologies. We do not see why the latest offerings in virtualization, various database and VMs redundancies, and load distributions should not be available to mid-sized businesses [as well as larger corporations].

In addition, by utilizing the most effective approaches to space, the CPU, and security, Infosaic will offer better performance. The latest approach is to be utilized but not limited to: separation of performance and storage oriented I/O, higher utilization of core performance powers, additional memory offerings to offset I/O heavy pagination, etc.

Our new approach will result in better pricing for our customers while offering a unique set of services previously unavailable in the mid-range hosting market. Upcoming campaigns will reflect this shift in our strategy; please stay tuned for upcoming changes!